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2020 Season

Updated August 2020 (adjusted due to Covid-19 situation and which may change)

As you know memberships this year have been cancelled. However, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impose restrictions in terms of playing time, ability to practice and use some of the Sports Club’s extra facilities. We do, however as members of the Sports Club, have to contribute to the facilities that we do use like the toilets and the catering facilities once they are opened. 

Therefore we are asking members to kindly complete the membership forms below as per any other year but and donate £20 to help contribute the utilities cost that each section of the Sports club will incur. 

Thank you for you enormously for your anticipated support regarding this donation. 

Membership Forms

Membership/Donation Form for Members 2020

Match Fees

Adults – £10
Junior – £7 for Festival Matches

For more information, please contact us at

Membership Fees (under normal circumstances)

The annual fee for junior members include winter nets, T20 match fees and membership of East Grinstead Sports Club (a compulsory membership fee of £13 for junior playing members).

The annual fee for senior members include a compulsory membership of £26 for senior playing members.

Festivals are not included.

Family Discount – A discount of 20% off membership fees is available to families with three or more members (one of which must be an adult member).

Adults £135
Student Member £115
Guest Player £15 per match
Juniors U16 to U18 £115
Juniors U13 to U16 £115
Juniors U9 to U12 £105
Juniors U6 to U8 £60