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Ladies Match Reports

24 June – East Grinstead Ladies v Horsham Ladies

For the first official girls game of the season we saw some truly terrific performances from all girls. We chose to bat first and the game started off well with a four off the first ball. Unfortunately, on the second ball the bowler got her eye in and we lost our first wicket. Our top scorer of the day, Annie, definitely deserves a mention getting a total of fourteen in thirteen balls.

With the impressive bowling and tight fielding from the opposition, scoring runs was difficult but it is worth noting that practically all of the Horsham side was over 18 and also experienced players whereas we had a youthful side and it was, of course, our first game of the season. I don’t think that any batter should be disheartened as there were good shots all round and all girls are now fired up for another game! Even though we were all out for 34 we saw a really positive start to the season in the form of skills that can be built upon and all importantly some experience.

When we swapped over every girl got to bowl at least 2 overs and this gave everybody the chance to have a go and get involved in the game. With an active field, some good old chases to the boundaries and some enthusiastic encouragement for each other the field was a pleasure to be a part of and there is no doubt that we are a strong fielding side. With limited wides and overall accuracy and pace from most girls we are looking like a strong side in terms of fielding and bowling.

Mentions must go to Harriet for her impressive catching skills and to Ella K and Molly for their accuracy bowling. There’s no doubt that Amber also deserves a mention as her keeping skills weren’t at all rusty and she threw herself into the role for another season.

This is looking like a positive start to the season and no girl should be disheartened by the loss as the team we played wasn’t at all a good one to play our first match against! We are looking forward to the next game where we can all get back out in the field and get playing.