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Vandals Damage Cricket Club Ground

Vandal’s caused several £’000 worth of damage at East Grinstead Cricket Club by joy riding round the outfield whilst it was covered in snow.

It is believed the incident occurred around 8-30pm on Tuesday evening, no one was at the Sports Club at the time as it had closed early as a result of the severe weather.

It is thought up to 6 vehicles were involved being raced round the cricket outfield causing deep ruts and ripping up the ground in several areas.

The CCTV cameras in and around the location are being interrogated in an attempt to identify the culprits, this information will be passed on to the local police who have been informed of the incident.

It will not be possible to establish the extent of the damage until the covering of snow has cleared; the cricket club will then have less than 6 weeks to undertake repairs and prepare the ground for the first match. It is unlikely the outfield will return to its high standard for another 12 months.